Eflex ID48

Advanced DSP system controller

Product Overview

The Eflex ID48 advanced system controller is equally suited for duty as a high performance loudspeaker crossover or for overall system control and management.


• Channels: Four input, 8 output

• Inputs: Analogue, AES3, optional Dante

• Interface: Front panel and ethernet network control.

ID48 Product Description

Due to the flexibility of its processing, Inspired Audio’s new ID48 advanced system controller is equally suited for duty as a high performance loudspeaker crossover or for overall system control and management.


The ID48 takes audio performance to the next level with new audio converters and advanced DSP algorithms that make full use of the processing power offered by the latest 4th generation SHARC DSPs.


Unique to the industry on the ID48 are the revolutionary new LIR Linear Phase crossover filters, and for the ultimate in driver protection with maximum SPL, the new VX Limiters. This state of the art limiter creates a Virtual Xover, with optimised limiter settings above and below this frequency.


Function is coupled with plug-and-play’ Ethernet connectivity that allows simple and painless software control of one or multiple units.


• Four input & eight output channels
• AES3 inputs & outputs selected in pairs
• Dante networked audio option fitted on Dante Model.
• 96 kHz 4th generation SHARC DSP algorithms
• Powerful Drive Module speaker-centric presets
• LIR Linear Phase crossovers
• Multi-stage peak & RMS limiters
• Virtual Xover Limiter for passive systems
• PEQ & FIR equalisers on all inputs
• User grouping & EQ Overlays
• Software PC control over Ethernet
• Contact closure ‘Snapshot’ recall

Key features


The Inspired Audio Eflex iD48 is a high performance, digital signal processor, which can be used to optimise the performance of IQ series cabinets within an installation project, act as a network hub where multiple Flex racks are being configured as part of an Optima system, or configured to control third party loudspeaker enclosures. Taking advantage of the latest advances in analogue to digital conversion and digital signal processing technologies, the units offer premium quality performance levels. The ID48 provides generous amounts of signal processing capability and a wide variety of crossover shapes.


The ID48 includes minimal signal path design, and a 96 kHz sampling frequency provides for a nominally flat response beyond 40 kHz. Three rotary encoders, illuminated buttons and graphical display provide a rapid, intuitive and user-friendly front panel control interface. The units can also be software controlled over high speed Ethernet communication ports, which will allow direct connection from a laptop without the need for a router or a switch. Alternatively multiple units can be linked on a network which will support DHCP, static-IP or auto-IP.


Class-leading sonic performance is achieved by the use of state of the art 4th Generation Analogue Devices Sharc DSP and highly advanced DSP algorithms. Filters include unique LIR linear phase crossover shapes giving FIR-like performance without the drawbacks of such filters.


An innovative limiter suite includes;


• VX limiter which provides dynamic control for passive 2-way enclosures
• Xmax excursion limiter with a sliding High Pass Filter which retains dynamic impact whilst effectively protecting driver excursion
• Tmax transducer thermal modelling provides regulation limiters, addressing long term thermal overload
• Overshoot limiter governs the amplitude of transient signals, retaining average power whilst constraining peaks.


The iD48 has the option of routing audio in both analogue and digital formats with both analogue and AES3 inputs and outputs (switchable in pairs) as standard and the option of a Dante audio networking card.

ID48 Specification


Number of channels:
Four input, eight output

Audio inputs:
4 x Analogue XLR, 2 x AES3, 4 x Dante (optional extra)

Digital Signal Processing:
High performance DSP processing on all inputs and outputs

Dimensions (mm): 
482w (19″) x 44h (1U) x 254d

2.7 kg

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