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Official Audio Suppliers for Guildford School of Acting

Guildford School of Acting invited us along to their seminar day following the usage of TiMax, on a third year production, 9-5. Head of Design, Chris Scott attended and spoke about our commitment to the campus, along with the usage of the TiMax system.


Guildford School of Art is renowned for its performing arts and technical courses, which are the top choice for students with an eye on progressing their career in the direction of London’s West End Theatre land. As a consequence Inspired Audio are proud to be the audio supplier to the on campus Ivy Theatre. The multi-purpose venue currently has a combination of Optima 5 sub-compact array enclosures which are generally used in left, right and centre hangs, with Axis AX8 cabinets used for infill applications. Low end is catered for with a pair of ground stacked SB118 enclosures.

When the college proposed the use of the TiMax spatial audio software for a third year production of 9-5, followed by a seminar day to explain the principles of the system, Inspired were keen to be involved and have worked with Sam Digney (Head off Sound) and Justin Teasdale, (Sound Designer) to provide additional equipment and technical support. The final sound design was based on five drops of Optima 5, three per hang, with flown Optima B210 and a combination of MQ12 and AX8 for infill positions. The presentation day at the Ivy was on November 23rd and composed of a technical presentation from Robin Whittaker of TiMax, followed by exerts from the 9-5 performance and a final question and answer session. The event was addended by a combination of GSA students and professionals from the audio industry.


Inspired Audio’s Chris Scott commenting on the day said that ‘ while both L Acoustics and D&B have come to the table of late with their own take on spatial audio, TiMax are the innovators that got the ball rolling and as with many great innovators British. While the tracker technology where the sound follows the performer around stage is incredible and mist add another dimension within theatre I was personally blown away by a simple demonstration of a multi-track of a band where the instruments had been spaced around stage in much the same way as a band would have been placed. The space in the mix that this generated was incredible.