Eflex Q5

Installation specific DSP amplification

Product Overview

The Eflex Q5 is an installation DSP amplifier for tamper proof applications.


• Channels: Four

• Power: 4 x 1250 W RMS @ 2 Ω

• Inputs: Analogue

• Interface: USB software control

Q5 Product Description

The Eflex Q5 is a four channel system amplifier housed in a 2U lightweight steel chassis that utilises class D amplifier technology to deliver 1250 w per output channel while weighing just 9 kg. The amplifier package also includes full onboard 96 kHz DSP real time monitoring and can be software controlled via network or USB connection. The package offers a level of flexibility that enables Inspired Audio to offer the Eflex Q5 as the only amplifier option for integrated power and management control of single loudspeakers or systems. Internally the channels are grouped in two channel modules which have an independent mains switch and power supply; as a consequence channel pairs can be easily bridged. This function enables the amplifier to be configured as a four channel, three channel, or two channel unit dependent on the loudspeaker system requirements. Each channel pair also shares a common two in, two out DSP allowing flexibility on programming and product preset selection.


The Eflex Q5 benefits from the power density that can be achieved from modern class D switching topology but also combines this with true audiophile performance. A ground up rethink of the topology which has included the use of modern state of the art semiconductors, a short signal path and turning the inherently low level of negative feedback common with switching designs from a disadvantage to an advantage has ensured that sonic issues common on older class D designs have been eradicated. The result is a fast and open sound that is truly sonically transparent. An holistic approach to design has matched the units switch mode power supplies in harmony with the output stages. Potential sources of noise and distortion have been eliminated and a further benefit is the unit’s ability to auto-select the mains voltage for global operation.

Software control


The Eflex Q5 uses ‘Podware’ control software and ‘BV Net’ network protocol; both tried and trusted industry standard tools that have been developed by Inspired Audio’s technology partner Linea Research. Software connection can be via the rear panel USB connection or the RJ45 network socket utilizing a BV Net interface box. Alternative options for system control include an Ethernet bridge which allows WIFI connection and integration with the ‘Dante’ digital transmission protocol.


Podware will control a single amplifier or a network of up to 32 amplifiers linked under the BV Net protocol. Amplifiers within the network can be grouped together to allow universal parameter changes across selected amplifiers. The output DSP functions are locked to users and determined by factory preset files that cover all EQ, crossover, delay and limiter settings for the product range. On request custom files will also be supplied to cover customers with unforeseen needs or to allow customization within an installation.


Podware also allows a front end user interface that allows overlay adjustments to EQ, gain and delay, to compensate for local conditions or room acoustics. This function can be defeated via a front panel defeat button that restores the factory preset.


Regulatory compliance


This product complies with the EMC & LVD directives as issued by the Commission of the European Community. Compliance with these directives implies conformity with the following European standards:


• EN55103-1 Electromagnetic Interference (Emission)
• EN55103-2 Electromagnetic Susceptibility (Immunity)
• EN60065 Electrical safety


The EFlex Q5 also meets the requirements of FCC part 15B

Q5 Specification

Amplifier topology:
Linea Research Class D

Number of channels:

Total power output, all channels driven:
5,000 Watts RMS

Audio inputs:
4x Analogue XLR

Digital Signal Processing:
High performance DSP processing on all inputs and outputs

Dimensions (mm): 
482w (19″) x 88h (2U) x 360d

9 kg

Q5 Downloads

Specification Sheet

Loading Chart



Q5 Accessories




The FlexRack houses up to three Eflex Q5, Q6 or Q20 units within an internal suspended rack.