Inspired Audio, the loudspeaker manufacturing start-up founded recently by ex-Logic System MD Chris Scott, has secured its first sales.

Recognising Scott's great success in the region, first strike has gone to Beirut-based Transorient Services run by Milad Massad, pictured above. The system will go on long-term hire into The Music Hall in Beirut, hailed as the Middle East's premier live music venue.

Hard on the heels of this sale, Transorient have confirmed a second system purchase for installation into Beirut based Crystal Group's new night club venue 'The Palais'. The new opening is in effect the winter home of Beirut open air mega club 'Pier 7'.

Both systems purchased are based around Inspired Audio's new Optima 8 array concept, and are composed of 16 Optima 8 array boxes; six Optima B215 bass enclosures, and six Optima SB218 sub-bass enclosures. The Beirut sale is to be consolidated with a 20-piece monitor system consisting of Axis AX15 monitors.

According to Scott, this shipment is likely to take place in August.

"Optima is a natural evolution of the ideas that people will know me for; ideas that have been developing for many years,"
comments Scott.
"This is the banner that we are going to use for all of the live sound products, optimised as they are for touring and live performance. Over the next 18 months there will be three arrays in the range, from the twin-8", twin waveguide Optima 8 mid-size array we have now but adding the smaller, ultra compact Optima 5 - twin-5", single waveguide, and a large-format array as well."