w Inspired Audio - Inspired Audio Frankfurt Press Release 2015


Pro Light and Sound 2015 will be the platform for a raft of new product launches from Inspired Audio. A year ago the company previewed its intention to broaden its offer from a live sound based range to encompass products for portable sound and fixed installation. The 2015 show will deliver the production ready products that will deliver on that promise.

Portable products aimed at all aspects of live performance will be represented in the form of the MQ series, which features three full range enclosures. The MQ12 and MQ15 enclosures feature mid/bass cone drivers with 3.5" aluminium voice coils for improved transient response and neodymium magnet structures for reduced weight combined with 1.4" exit compression drivers mounted on CD waveguides. The enclosures have a front trapezoid section, combined with a rear wedge angle to enable them to be used in both FOH and monitor modes. The third member of the MQ family is the MQL, a three way enclosure that uses a 15" cone driver for the 55-400 Hz pass band combined with a horn loaded 8” midrange unit and 1" exit high frequency driver mounted on a CD waveguide. All MQ series products are finished in a road ready heavy duty polyurea finish and are also equipped with bracket and insert points making them suitable for installation as well or portable applications.

Fixed installation will also see new product launches with the unveiling of the iQ series. Launch products will be iQ8, iQ10, iQ12 and iQ15. All boxes are full range enclosures that combine mid/bass cones with horn mounted compression drivers. Cabinets have a full complement of insert and bracket points and cabinet are finished in a textured water based finish. Colour options are black or white.

Touring will not be forgotten as the company launches a major addition to its eFlex system amplifier range. The new eFlex Q20 will offer output power of 4 x 5Kw, the option of Dante, AES or analogue inputs, direct Ethernet networking and full front panel access to all functions. Commenting on the product Inspired's Chris Scott said,

The existing eFlex Q5 is purely software controlled which has been well accepted by the A/V and installation markets, but there has been some resistance from the touring brigade who want a visual indication of status. The Q20 addresses this, quadruples the power density and adds all the features that the current market expects, such as the Dante and AES compatibility. This product marks out Inspired’s ambitions; it is up there head to head with the best and will become our touring benchmark’.

Come and join us in Hall 8 stand F12 for an insight into the Axis, iQ, MQ and Optima product ranges. Design director Chris Scott, export brand manager Bob Harrison and systems engineer Andi Churchill will be on hand to talk the talk about flappy bits of paper and black wooden boxes from 15 - 18th March, Pro Light & Sound, Frankfurt. For an appointment please contact: Chris Scott: chris.scott@inspired-audio.co.uk or Bob Harrison: bob@qmsmusic.co.uk