Bitter sweet end to Frankfurt show for Inspired Audio brand
The 2012 Frankfurt Pro Light and Sound show was chosen for the world launch of England's latest Pro Audio brand. Reaction to the speakers and integrated amplification on show was universally positive from all visitors to the stand and culminated in the appointment of distributors in nine regions including Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

A phone call early Sunday morning turned post show elation into a more sobering experience with the news that all of the stand stock had been stolen from the stand overnight. Five banded and wrapped pallets had disappeared into the night. Chris Scott, head of design at Inspired, commented

"The stolen stock is a combination of loaded product, show samples and a Q5 touring rack. There isn't really enough of anything to make a cohesive system, the amplifiers contain no programming and as this is a fledgling brand purchasing stock to add to the stolen items could be easily tracked from our end. Given all that the act makes little obvious sense, it just seems to be mindless opportunism".

Inspired would just simply ask that if the goods have ended up on your wagon by a logistic mistake, unlikely, but possible, or if you have any information that would help us to recover the goods please contact us.