London's annual homage to all that is good from down under, the Homelanz festival again drew in the crowds despite the English summer weather doing its best to both dampen spirits and then blow them into the next county!

Homelanz has a distinct Oz and Kiwi influence in the food, drink and music on offer and took place in Boston Manor Park, West London, just off the M4 on Saturday 16th June, with production which included staging, sound and light coming from Ipswich based DHE Professional. Taxed with solving acoustic problems experienced at last year's event, which included bass issues in nearby housing and avoiding slap back from the glass faced Glaxo Smith Kline building facing the stage, DHE turned to the Optima 8 from Inspired Audio to deliver the acoustic solution. DHE's Matt Suttle specified left and right drops of eight Optima 8 array modules with four B215 and four SB218 per side used in Cardioid mode. The system was driven from four Inspired Flex Racks containing twelve eFlex Q5 system amplifiers networked under software control. Stage edge fills into the central 'v' were covered by a pair of Axis AX15 cabinets.

Musing after the event, Matt Suttle commented,

'given the weather experienced it was great that it was the sound not the wind that blew everybody away. The Optima 8 is so focused that targeting it is simple while the throw from such a small cabinet is stunning. I am not certain what the lads at Inspired have done to make the Cardioid arrays employed on both the bass and sub work so well, but it is devastatingly effective. We enjoyed a full roster of seriously impressed engineers, which for a diverse festival says it all!'

Summing up Inspired's technical head Chris Scott commented,

' DHE are a fast growing company and after working with them on this show it is easy to see why, the professional in the company name is key to how they operate. After much of our early sales being in the Middle East and Asia, it was nice to be back on home soil, it was a novelty driving not flying to a gig!'